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Reducing defects on large surface products

The need

Surface characteristics matter in manufacturing, with most parts needing to have particular dimensions or small surface features to ensure they are the right 'fit' and perform as required. This is a challenge across industries and can impact on the effectiveness of the end product, whether to get bearing surfaces exact for automotive applications, or identifying minuscule defects on solar cells that can affect their performance. Our team is developing unique methods to effectively measure small defects on large surfaces.

The impact

We are conducting research to improve knowledge on the function of a surface, its characteristics and behaviours in different conditions. We are applying this research to develop clear standards for industry to use to ensure quality across the manufacturing process, as well as developing software measurement standards to support these efforts.

This work will help manufacturers ensure their end products are of the highest quality and deliver the best performance, reducing scrap and wastage from defective products. It will also help to secure customer confidence and satisfaction.