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Improving records of Earth's climate over time

We are applying metrological rigour to better understand and reduce uncertainties in climate data records

The need

Climate data collected from EO techniques needs to be credible, to be suitable for rigorous science, decision-making and climate services. In particular, it must provide trustworthy information about variability and change over decades.

The impact

The Fidelity and Uncertainty in Climate Data Records from Earth Observation (FIDUCEO) project aims to set new standards of accuracy and rigour in the generation of Fundamental Climate Data Records (FCDRs) and Climate Data Records (CDRs), with defensible uncertainty and stability information.

We are leading on all measurement aspects of FIDUCEO, including developing the methods and tools to support the tracing of uncertainty for instrument calibration and CDRs.

FIDUCEO will also produce a suite of software tools for reading and writing the data and for performing rigorous measurement analysis – including tools for stability analyses and ensemble creation. Information about the project including data, software tools and methods, will be available in a variety of forms, including workshops and e-learning modules. The project aims to have a broad and lasting impact on the field of climate data from space.