Measurement for our planet
Measurement for our planet

Following COP26, discover how NPL plays a key role in enabling climate action through the delivery of accurate, reliable data that supports decision making and enables low carbon innovation.


Safely decommissioning nuclear sites

The need

In nuclear facilities, radioactive materials are used to generate electricity. However, these materials are hazardous, and some can remain so for hundreds of thousands of years, contaminating the site of the facility long after it has ceased to operate.

In order to reclaim these areas of land, and make them fit for re-use, the hazardous material must be addressed and secured. This is the goal of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.

We support the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority in clearing the radioactive materials from legacy nuclear facilities.

The impact

Our proficiency tests, reference materials, and guidance give nuclear decommissioning groups the confidence to accurately quantify the radioactivity content of waste materials, as well as perform measurements that are independent of the nuclear industry.

Measurement expertise and consultation helps clean up these contaminated sites, removing harmful materials and liberating the land for future use.