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NPL and NQCC sign MOU

The signing reflects the institutes commitment to collaborating in the field of quantum computing.

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and the National Quantum Computing Centre (NQCC) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU), stating a commitment to collaborate further in the field of quantum computing.

NPL, the UK’s National Metrology Institute, is delivering a wide-ranging programme across all aspects of quantum technology, building the capability to test and characterise new components and products being developed by UK industry and creating new measurement standards. Working around the UK with a large number of industrial and academic partners, the expertise of NPL is being applied in support of the national effort in quantum technologies, overcoming barriers to innovation and accelerating the route to commercialisation.

The NQCC, a research institution funded by UKRI, aims to address the challenge of scaling emerging quantum computing technologies by developing and providing access to prototype quantum computers, enabling full-stack software and application development, to advance the UK’s quantum computing capabilities, accelerate economic impact, provide expertise and contribute to a skilled workforce.

Both NPL and the NQCC are key partners in the National Quantum Technologies Programme, which supports ideas, innovation and investment to secure UK advantage and opportunities in the globally competitive new quantum era.

Both organisations commit to working collaboratively to accelerate the development of quantum computing for the benefit of the UK. Over the next five years, the institutes plan to explore future collaborations to:

  • Enable the independent testing, benchmarking and validation of quantum computing technologies
  • Enable the co-ordinated development and delivery of technical roadmaps related to quantum computing
  • Enable the exchange and knowledge of expertise related to the research on quantum computing
  • Support the development of industry standards related to quantum computing
  • Support UK efforts in training and developing talent to contribute to a skilled and diverse workforce in quantum computing.

Dr Peter Thompson FREng, CEO, NPL said: “Signing this MoU will accelerate the close collaboration between NPL and NQCC. We will ensure that metrology, measurement standards and independent test and validation can enable strategic advantage from quantum computing under the leadership of NQCC, engaging with the many academic and industry organisations contributing to this national effort.”

NQCC Director, Dr Michael Cuthbert said, “Through this MOU we are bringing our shared expertise in quantum computing hardware, software and applications together to support the development of industry standards. Our early focus is on testing, benchmarking and validation of quantum computing technologies and marks an important step, shaping our collaboration, towards our shared goal of making the UK a quantum-ready economy.”

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31 Jan 2023