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Case studies

Verifying cutting-edge environmental technologies

The challenge

Mixergy Ltd, an Oxfordshire SME, developed an efficient hot water tank that makes use of a novel inlet diffuser and angled heating element scheme to increase the utilisation of stored water within a domestic hot water tank.

The Mixergy tank has an inlet arrangement that reduces mixing to increase the amount of hot water that can be recovered from a given preheated tank volume.

The company was looking to verify the performance of their technology, in order to prove its benefits against other solutions, to potential customers and investors.

The solution

The SME received a statement of verification by us as part of the European Commission's Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) programme for their 'energy technology'.

The ETV programme aims to offer a verification procedure to cutting-edge environmental technologies that may otherwise find it difficult to establish their environmental added value. The verification procedure allows for an independent assessment and validation of the manufacturer's claims on the performance and environmental benefits of their technology.

The impact

As the UK's National Measurement Institute, our services are designed to meet the most challenging measurement requirements, to give customers the technical edge needed to be truly world class.

We were able to verify that the Mixergy tank, with a volume of 75 litres, was able to deliver 120 litres of hot water at the threshold 43 °C, compared to 90 litres delivered by a tank built to British Standards. This statement and verification report gives Mixergy proof that its technology performs as it is claimed to do.

Read the statement and verification report

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