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Dimensional metrologists at NPL provide a wide range of services, facilities and expertise to support UK manufacturing, science and the metrology community.

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The measurement of size, shape, form and texture are fundamental to controlling the quality and efficiency of manufactured goods from nano-engineered structures and devices, through automotive components and medical implants, to large-scale aerospace assemblies. 

We operate a range of unique facilities, housed in state-of-the-art temperature-controlled laboratories, in order to offer the smallest measurement uncertainties in the UK.

What we do

Provide a range of standard and bespoke measurement services and solutions, many of which are accredited to ISO 17025.

Provide specialist advice and consultancy.

Undertake leading edge R&D to provide future measurement standards, instruments and services.

Dissemination of knowledge and best practice to industry through publications, training, networks and measurement services.

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Measurement needs

Please tell us about any measurement needs you may have. Some examples of these might be:

  • Issues relating to product inspection
  • Issues relating to process control
  • Training requirements
  • Obtaining specialist calibration or testing support
  • Problem solving on measurement issues
  • Demonstrating or assessing measurement system or product performance

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