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  • Bushy House will be opened to the public for the day as part of the Open House London weekend, London's largest annual festival of architecture and design.
  • The European Space Agency, NPL and the FRM4SOC team are holding an international workshop to discuss the future implications of a 'Fiducial Reference Measurement Network for Satellite Ocean Colour'.
  • Following on from the highly successful NPL Graphene Conferences in 2012, 2014 and 2016, the Graphene & 2-D Materials Conference 2018 will address new concepts of graphene applications, metrology and technology.
  • The Neutron Users' Club (NUC) acts as a focal point for discussion of the production, use and metrology of neutron fields.
  • Join us at this NPL Manufacturer Measurement Network event find out more about modern engineering and science.
  • CARM 2018 is the latest in a series of annual three-day conferences run by NPL for the radiation metrology community, bringing together expertise from areas as diverse as the nuclear industry, detector manufacturers, radioanalytical laboratories and academia.
  • This workshop and training session address the standardisation needs in the hydrogen energy sector. Visits to the Hydrogen Refuelling Station and laboratories are also planned.

NPL Training

Training Courses

NPL's training courses encourage learners to make a difference within their workplaces, giving them the opportunity to generate a return on investment for their employers whilst simultaneously improving corporate measurement capability.

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