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  • With the Environment Agency starting a themed inspection of approaches to site characterisation, this year's CARM conference is a timely opportunity to listen to presentations on the topic from leading figures from the Environment Agency, the NDA and Sellafield.
  • As part of its participation at Advanced Engineering 2016 at the NEC, Birmingham, NPL will be providing an opportunity for engineers and technical managers in the advanced manufacturing sector to obtain expert advice on measurement-related issues.
  • This seminar aims to bring together scientists, engineers, metrologists and industry specialists to present and discuss the research, innovative developments and measurement solutions offered by wide-ranging thermal analytical techniques.
  • This meeting will provide a forum for academics and those working in industry to discuss recent developments in nanomechanical testing.
  • NPL will host the Graphene & 2-D Materials Conference: From Research to Applications 2016 at its facilities in Teddington, UK.
  • A one-day conference on best practice, recent developments, and contemporary challenges for users and manufacturers of thermocouples.
  • NPL is supporting 3DMC, a new conference and exhibition dedicated to the application and development of 3D measurement technology for industrial, scientific and cultural purposes.
  • This two-day meeting will engage academic and industrial stakeholders interested in nanomaterials characterisation in a lively scientific discussion about application, theory and new developments of the disc and cuvette sedimentation techniques, with an opportunity for training and sample testing by experts.
  • NiCE-MSI is hosting a one-day science and technology meeting with talks by international leaders from industry, biomedical discovery, mass spectrometry imaging instrumentation and research, plus an interactive workshop for introduction-level software and computational analysis of MSI data.
  • A one-day workshop at the University of Cambridge, designed to identify UK industrial data measurement requirements and promote the establishment of the new NPL data research initiative.
  • EMPRESS is a European project with the goal of enhancing process efficiency through improved temperature measurement. This workshop is an excellent opportunity to bring together scientists and engineers from academia, research institutes and industrial establishments to present and discuss both the latest developments in the field of traceable temperature measurement for process control, and end-users' requirements and challenges.
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    EU NORM 2017

    This symposium will address topical issues in the field of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM), with a focus on the transposition of the new European Basic Safety Standards (EU BSS) in practice.

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NPL's training courses encourage learners to make a difference within their workplaces, giving them the opportunity to generate a return on investment for their employers whilst simultaneously improving corporate measurement capability.

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