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  • This meeting will cover metrology in the life sciences, particularly focusing on Nuclear Medicine.
  • This conference will focus on developments and advances in the identification, quantification and high resolution imaging of molecules on all types of surfaces.
  • NPL invites you to the 2nd Composites, Adhesives and Polymers Industrial Advisory Group (CAP IAG) meeting.
  • Three days of events following a long tradition of UKAS and joint NPL-UKAS meetings, offering a forum for experts to share information on measurement and accreditation, focusing this year on: air temperature metrology; electrical, physical and thermal measurements; and a training day for active UKAS assessors.
  • Monitoring Ambient Air 2014 is organised by the Automation and Analytical Management Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry.
  • A two day training course on uncertainty analysis for earth observation measurements, with particular emphasis on the calibration and characterisation of remote sensing radiometric instruments: both pre-flight satellite instruments and for ground validation instrumentation.
  • The aim of this conference is to provide a platform for displaying the UK's materials research and device developments in this exciting field and a workshop for discussing the directions of the materials' developments.
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    CIM 2015

    The 17th International Congress of Metrology, being held in Paris, is where industry meets science to discover measurement technologies, explore industrial challenges and uncover the latest innovations.


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