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  • NPL has two exhibits, 'Clever clothes' and 'Super Sight', at this annual display of the most exciting cutting-edge science and technology in the UK.
  • A workshop with 12 high value manufacturing companies and instrumentation vendors to develop an understanding of the impact of metrology on manufacturing businesses.
  • The Partnering meetings for the SRTs will be held on 6 and 7 July at NPL.
  • The flagship event for space in the UK, this biennial conference brings together the space industry, users of space-based services, entrepreneurs, academia and government.
  • The aim of this conference is to provide a platform for displaying the UK's materials research and device developments in this exciting field and a workshop for discussing the directions of the materials' developments.
  • This event will discusses advancements in the electromagnetic sensors, metrology and modelling required to measure key microstructural parameters of steels non-destructively. A number of case studies will also be introduced where such technology has already been implemented.
  • Have your say on the skills gap - join the NPL Training Workshop in September to help develop industry training capable of maintaining a strong manufacturing region.
  • Bushy House and gardens will be open to the general public as part of London Open House weekend.
  • 21
    CIM 2015

    The 17th International Congress of Metrology, being held in Paris, is where industry meets science to discover measurement technologies, explore industrial challenges and uncover the latest innovations.
  • A one day workshop that will focus on how SMEs looking to undertake third party testing can benefit from the EU ETV scheme.
  • Annual meeting and focal point for discussion of the production, use and metrology of neutron fields.
  • Incorporating the Ionising Radiation Metrology Forum, the Airborne Radioactivity Monitoring User Group, the Nuclear Spectrometry User Forum, the Liquid Scintillation User Forum, UK Nuclear Science Forum and the Royal Society of Chemistry Radiochemistry Group workshop on reference materials.

NPL Training

Training Courses

NPL's training courses encourage learners to make a difference within their workplaces, giving them the opportunity to generate a return on investment for their employers whilst simultaneously improving corporate measurement capability.

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