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Training courses in underwater acoustic measurement

Training courses in underwater acoustic calibration and measurement

NPL sets the standards for metrology training in the UK, helping customers gain maximum value from their measurement systems.

This one-day course has been designed to support measurement best practice for underwater acoustics and is intended for those wishing to make high-quality measurements of underwater sound. The course content is based on the Good Practice Guide for Underwater Noise Measurement, and provides participants with the knowledge of the methodology required for reliable and robust underwater sound measurement.

Benefits include:

  • Enhanced confidence developing a study design
  • Improved value and turn-around time through appropriated methodology decisions
  • Enhanced quality control through greater understanding of sources of uncertainty
  • Improved accuracy and repeatability
  • Increased awareness of the framework of existing and emerging international standards (e.g. within ISO and IEC) and state-of-the-art techniques

Previous course delegates represent a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds, including the manufacturing industry, and end-users from scientific and research institutes, regulatory bodies, acoustics consultancy and the metrology community.

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NPL also offers a course on transducer calibration

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2017
Created: 3 Nov 2016


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