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Acoustics Ultrasound & Underwater Acoustics

NPL's Ultrasound & Underwater Acoustics Group undertakes long-term, leading-edge research to develop new and improved measurement methods that will impact on UK future services and products.

Research Areas

  • NPL's ultrasonics expertise covers calibration, research, knowledge transfer, and products and services.
  • Underwater acoustics is a key underpinning technology in offshore oil and gas activities, is increasingly used in oceanographic and environmental studies, and continues to play a crucial role in defence.

Featured Services

NPL provides world-class standards for measurement and calibration, and key expertise in measurement related research and development covering the fields of sound-in-air, ultrasonics and underwater acoustics.

We have purpose built facilities including reverberation and free-field rooms, environmental test facilities, open laboratory tanks and water sites for underwater measurement. Our leading measurement scientists additionally provide tailored training courses in various aspects of acoustics and are able to develop bespoke systems and products to solve industrial measurement problems.

NPL's Ultrasound & Underwater Acoustics team supports hospitals and clinics, occupational and environmental health, and offshore marine activities.


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