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Measurement Network TRUTHS

A satellite mission to support climate adaptation by establishing a space based climate and calibration observing system facilitating improved confidence in climate change forecasts


Jane Burston pitches the proposed TRUTHS mission as a technology 'moonshot' at Google's inaugural UK Solve for X event.

Seeking the TRUTHS about climate change
Presented by Nigel Fox

TRUTHS - A benchmark mission for climate change
Presented by Emma Woolliams

TRUTHS (Traceable Radiometry Underpinning Terrestrial- and Helio- Studies), under development by NPL in partnership with a consortium of partners, is a proposed satellite mission that can provide an in-orbit SI traceable calibration system to underpin and upgrade the measurement accuracy of the global Earth observation system, enabling the provision of climate data of sufficient quality to facilitate timely investment in climate adaptation, mitigation, policy and services.

TRUTHS will not only boost the performance of other satellites, but will provide invaluable benchmark data on the status of the Earth's climate at unprecedented accuracy - a factor of 10 better than current sensors - allowing scientists to identify trends from the noise of natural background variation in the shortest time possible. It will also improve our understanding of carbon and water cycles, critical to ensure fair and indisputable attribution. These outcomes are crucial in providing the robust evidence needed to enable concerted international action on climate change.

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