National Physical Laboratory


NPL carries out multi-disciplinary research to address a range of topical challenges in science and industry.
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Highlight the measurement challenges within the BPE process, promote best practice in measurement and understand the requirements of the BPE supply chain.


NPL is working to provide the measurement capability necessary to characterise the graphene produced by the various methods.


Solid State Lighting has the potential to revolutionise the efficiency, appearance and quality of lighting as we know it.


Natural variability and randomness affect every real-world process, but how should their effects be included in simulations?


Improve understanding of how better measurements contribute to the design, development and characterisation of materials and knowledge of how systems operate in extreme environments.


Several research groups at NPL are currently working on advancing quantum technologies. New investments are building on NPL's expertise to enhance the UK's capabilities in developing and applying these exciting technologies.


In 2012, scientists from NPL and Imperial College London demonstrated the first solid-state maser capable of operating at room temperature, paving the way for its wider adoption.





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