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NiCE-MSI Who we are

The National Centre of Excellence in Mass Spectrometry Imaging (NiCE-MSI) focuses on the development, understanding and application of mass spectrometry imaging techniques; providing powerful eyes on the molecular and atomic world.

Our students

Training a new generation of scientists in fundamental and applied aspects of mass spectrometry imaging, and subsequent data analysis techniques, is a key objective of NiCE-MSI. Through the NPL Postgraduate Institute, we support and host PhD students, alongside visiting scientists, guest workers and joint appointments.

PhD students:

Alex Dexter, University of Birmingham

Carla Newman, University of Nottingham / GSK

Daniel Greenwood, Francis Crick Institute

Eleonora Paladino, University of Strathclyde

Elizabeth Randall, University of Birmingham

Jocelyn Tilner, Imperial College London

Kenneth Robinson, University of Nottingham

Klaudia Kocurek, University of Birmingham

Visiting scientists:

Anna Kotowska, Medical University of Wroclaw

Guest workers:

Ichiro Mihara

Joint appointments:

Misha Zelzer, University of Nottingham


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