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Surface & Nanoanalysis Surface & Nanoanalysis

We study the measurement of the physical and chemical properties of surfaces down to the nanoscale, from biological samples to electronic components.

Impact of Surface and Nanoanalysis

Surface analysis techniques at scales of microns and nanometres are key to understanding and characterising surfaces used in high technology and innovative industries worldwide.

Our Work

Our expertise is based upon the underpinning scientific research we perform in the fields of innovation, trade, industrial competitiveness and quality of life, making this emerging research area accessible for real-world applications. The internationally-leading Surface & Nanoanalysis Group is able to offer cost-effective solutions to a wide range of problems in areas such as aerospace, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, health, personal care, packaging, electronics, IT equipment, polymers, sensors, transport, biofilms and nanoparticles using the latest instrumentation.

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