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Radionuclide Calibration Service

Radionuclides calibrator services, including the provision of calibration factors for NPL 'Fidelis'.

The NPL Radionuclide Calibrator (Fidelis)

Nuclear medicine relies on the accurate and reliable delivery of known activities of radiopharmaceuticals to patients if treatment is to be successful. For hospital nuclear medicine departments where the radionuclide calibrator is the preferred choice of measuring system, NPL provides a calibration service to ensure radioactivity measurements are traceable to national standards as recommended in Measurement Good Practice Guide 93: Protocol for establishing and maintaining the calibration of medical radionuclide calibrators and their quality control.

Details of service

A service is available for the radioassay of radionuclide solutions in NPL's secondary standard ionisation chamber. Comparison of the certificated results with measurements performed in the hospital's calibrator confirms the performance of the hospital's instrument and allows determination of new dial settings, if required. NPL's flexible service allows for source calibrations on demand throughout the year and meets the economic needs of hospitals' budgets. A range of radionuclides can be measured (including 99mTc, 201Tl, 123I, 64Cu, 51Cr, 18F, 89Sr, 111In, 32P, 90Y and 177Lu among others, as well as 131I solutions/capsules, 125I brachytherapy seeds/strands, etc.). Solutions can be submitted in most glass vial types - however, if an unusual geometry is preferred, please contact us. This service will be expanded soon with the addition of measurement capabilities for the emerging nuclides 223Ra and 227Th.

NPL also provides extensive lists of calibration factors for the NPL secondary standard radionuclide calibrator 'Fidelis', which is a commercially available copy of the NPL master ionisation chamber with a user-friendly PC-based current measurement module provided by Southern Scientific Ltd. This system provides a direct link to the UK primary standards of radioactivity for a wide range of beta and gamma emitting radionuclides. More information on the NPL Fidelis can be found here.

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