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Ionising Radiation Metrology Forum (IRMF)

The activities of the Ionising Radiation Metrology Forum (IRMF) include:

  • Discussing matters of common interest relating to ionising radiation calibration and measurement.
  • Encouraging good practice in ionising radiation measurements, including traceability to national standards.
  • Organising comparison exercises in appropriate areas of ionising radiation measurement.
  • Promoting the production of measurement good practice guides, codes of practice and other guidance material.

A more detailed description of the forum's aims and activities can be found in the Terms of Reference.

Membership is free, although a charge is made for meeting attendance.

Various NPL IRMF associated publications have resulted from IRMF activities, or are relevant to members. Some of these publications are available to download free of charge.

Details of previous meetings available online:

Future Meetings

The next IRMF will take place on 10-12 November 2015 in conjunction with the Conference on Applied Radiation Metrology (CARM 2015). More details and registration


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