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NPL scientists make extensive use of models to improve understanding of physical systems, optimise experimental design and explain measurement data.



Summarizing the output of a Monte Carlo method for uncertainty evaluation
P M Harris, C E Matthews, M G Cox, A B Forbes

Mathematical modelling to support traceable dynamic calibration of pressure sensors
C Matthews, F Pennecchi, S Eichstädt, A Malengo, T Esward, I Smith, C Elster, A Knott, F Arrhén, A Lakka

Uncertainty in measurement of protein circular dichroism spectra
Cox, MG, Ravi, J, Rakowska, PD, Knight, AE

Early Warning Signals of Ecological Transitions: Methods for Spatial Patterns
Sonia Kéfi, Vishwesha Guttal, William A. Brock, Stephen R. Carpenter, Aaron M. Ellison, Valerie N. Livina, David A. Seekell, Marten Scheffer, Egbert H. van Nes, Vasilis Dakos
PLoS One

Modelling carbon emissions in electric systems
E.T. Lau, Q. Yang, A.B. Forbes, P. Wright, V.N. Livina
Energy Conv. Manag.

Tipping point analysis of the NPL footbridge
V. Livina, E. Barton, A. Forbes
Journal of Civil Structural Health Monitoring

Methods for determining piezoelectric properties of thin epitaxial films: Theoretical Foundations
L. N. McCartney, L. Wright, M. G. Cain, J. Crain, G. J. Martyna, and D. M. Newns


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Differential scanning calorimetry modelling to support power plant metrology
Wright, L, Chapman, L, Dawson, A
High Temperatures High Pressures

A recent tipping point in the Arctic sea-ice cover: abrupt and persistent increase in the seasonal cycle since 2007
Livina V N, and Lenton T M

Quantum Drude oscillator model of atoms and molecules: Many-body polarization and dispersion interactions for atomistic simulation
Andrew P. Jones, Jason Crain, Vlad P. Sokhan, Troy W. Whitfield, and Glenn J. Martyna
Phys. Rev. B

Improved strategies for calculating annual averages of ambient air pollutants in cases of incomplete data coverage
Brown, R J C, Harris, P M, and Cox, M G
Environ. Sci.-Process Impacts

Evaluating the form errors of spheres, cylinders and cones using the primal-dual interior point method
Zhang, XC, Jiang, XQ, Forbes, AB, Minh, HD, Scott, PJ
Proc. Inst. Mech. Eng. Part B-J. Eng. Manuf.

Coupling efficiency in piezoelectric actuators with direct current and alternating current excitation
Blackburn J F, and Cain M G
J. Appl. Phys.

Electronically Coarse-Grained Model for Water
Jones A. Jones, F. Cipcigan, V. P. Sokhan, J. Crain, and G. J. Martyna
Phys. Rev. Lett.

Observations on interphase characterisation in polymer composites by nano-scale indentation using AFM and FEA
T.J. Young, L.E. Crocker, W.R. Broughton, S.L. Ogin, P.A. Smith
Compos. Pt. A-Appl. Sci. Manuf.

Forecasting the underlying potential governing the time series of a dynamical system
Livina, VN, Lohmann, G, Mudelsee, M, Lenton, TM
Physica A

The optimization of self-heating corrections in resistance thermometry
Pearce J V, Rusby R L, Harris P M, Wright L

A low-uncertainty measurement of the Boltzmann constant
Michael de Podesta, Robin Underwood, Gavin Sutton, Paul Morantz, Peter Harris, Darren F Mark, Finlay M Stuart, Gergely Vargha and Graham Machin

Correction for lateral distortion in coherence scanning interferometry
Andrew Henning, Claudiu Giusca, Alistair Forbes, Ian Smith, Richard Leach, Jeremy Coupland, Rahul Mandal
CIRP Ann-Manuf. Technol.

No increase in global temperature variability despite changing regional patterns
Huntingford, C , Jones, PD, Livina, VN, Lenton, TM, Cox, PM

Simulating distributed measurement networks in which sensors may be faulty, noisy and interdependent: A software tool for sensor network design, data fusion and uncertainty evaluation
Collett M, Esward T J, Harris P M, Matthews C E, Smith I M

Design of linear calibration experiments
Forbes, A. B., Minh, H. D.

Energy methods for modelling damage in laminates
McCartney LN.
J. Compos Mater.

Derivations of energy-based modelling for ply cracking in general symmetric laminates
McCartney L. N.
J. Compos Mater.

A solubility study and thermodynamic description of the system Fe-Ni-Pb
I. Vaajamo, P. Taskinen, J.A. Gisby.
Calphad-Comput. Coupling Ph. Diagrams Thermochem

Analytical Models for Sliding Interfaces Associated with Fibre Fractures or Matrix Cracks
McCartney LN.
CMC-Comput. Mat. Contin., 35 (3), 183-227 (2013)

Electronically coarse-grained molecular dynamics using quantum Drude oscillators
Jones, J. Crain, F.S. Cipcigan, V.P. Sokhan, M. Modani & G.J. Martyna
Mol. Phys., A.P.

Spontaneous abrupt climate change due to an atmospheric blocking-sea-ice-ocean feedback in an unforced climate model simulation
Sybren Drijfhout, Emily Gleeson, Henk A. Dijkstra, and Valerie Livina
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U. S. A.

Fit for purpose models for metrology: a model selection methodology
Wright, L, and Esward, T J
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 459

Finite Element Analysis of the Vertical Levitation Force in an Electrostatic MEMS Comb Drive Actuator
J Wooldridge, J Blackburn, A Muniz-Piniella, M Stewart, T A V Shean, P M Weaver and M G Cain
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 472

Thermodynamic data to model the interaction between coolant and fuel in gen IV sodium cooled fast reactors
A Dinsdale, J Gisby, H Davies, R Konings, O Benes
2013 3rd International Conference on Advancements in Nuclear Instrumentation


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Revision of the 'Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement'
Walter Bich, Maurice G Cox, René Dybkaer, Clemens Elster, W Tyler Estler, Brynn Hibbert, Hidetaka Imai, Willem Kool, Carine Michotte, Lars Nielsen, Leslie Pendrill, Steve Sidney, Adriaan M H van der Veen and Wolfgang Wöger

Software measurement standards for areal surface texture parameters: part 1-algorithms
Harris, PM, Smith, IM, Leach, RK, Giusca, C, Jiang, X , Scott, P
Meas. Sci. Technol.

Software measurement standards for areal surface texture parameters: part 2-comparison of software
Harris, PM , Smith, IM, Wang, C, Giusca, C, Leach, RK
Meas. Sci. Technol.

Theoretical assessment of the Ni-Sn system
Adela Zemanova, Ales Kroupa, Alan Dinsdale
Mon. Chem.

Energy-based delamination theory for biaxial loading in the presence of thermal stresses
McCartney, LN, Blazquez, A, Paris, F
Compos. Sci. Technol.

Measurement Uncertainty of Dew-Point Temperature in a Two-Pressure Humidity Generator
L. Lages Martins, A. Silva Ribeiro, J. Alves e Sousa, Alistair B. Forbes
Int. J. Thermophys.

The thermodynamic database cost MP0602 for materials for high-temperature lead-free soldering
Kroupa A., Dinsdale A., Watson A., Vrestal J., Zemanova A., Broz P
J. Min. Metall. Sect. B-Metall.

Mathematics for modern precision engineering
Paul J. Scott and Alistair B. Forbes
Philos. Trans. R. Soc. A-Math. Phys. Eng. Sci.

The evaluation of key comparison data using key comparison reference curves
M G Cox and P M Harris

Weighting observations from multi-sensor coordinate measuring systems
A. B. Forbes
Meas. Sci. Technol.

An MCMC algorithm based on GUM Supplement 1 for uncertainty evaluation
A. B. Forbes

Efficient implementation of a Monte Carlo method for uncertainty evaluation in dynamic measurements
S Eichstädt, A Link, P Harris and C Elster

Current Problems and Possible Solutions in High-Temperature Lead-Free Soldering
Ales Kroupa, Dag Andersson, Nick Hoo, Jeremy Pearce, Andrew Watson, Alan Dinsdale, Stuart Mucklejohn
J. Mater. Eng. Perform.

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