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Phase Diagram Software from the National Physical Laboratory.

The NPL software tool for the calculation of phase equilibria and thermodynamic properties.

The benefits of MTDATA are:

  • Improved understanding and prediction of processes as a whole
  • More efficient direction of experiment
  • Energy savings and avoidance of pollution and corrosion

Features of MTDATA for Windows include:

  • Automatic calculation of binary and ternary phase diagrams
  • Full support for Windows printing operations
  • Wide range of phase types
  • Flexible and powerful database management
  • The most reliable equilibrium calculations available
  • Access to a wide range of critically assessed thermodynamic data
  • Access to the character interface of 'classic' MTDATA, if desired

Applications of MTDATA:

  • Alloy development
  • Extraction and recycling
  • Energy conversion
  • Joining
  • Materials processing
  • Corrosion and deposition
  • Chemistry in technology
  • Electronic and magnetic materials
  • Environmental control
  • Polymers

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