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Magnetic Materials Magnetics

Electrical and magnetic quantities have an impact on many aspects of our everyday life; in health and safety, the magnetic field levels produced by the domestic appliances we use so regularly is carefully monitored by the manufacturers to meet EMC regulations (we provide measurements that are compliant up to 120 kHz with EN 50366).

In the aerospace industry, soft magnetic materials are used in extreme conditions (temperatures up to 450 ºC and stress levels up to 450 MPa) and the material can be characterised at NPL using unique measurement techniques. In the car industry, the material properties of permanent magnets has become very important; some cars now contain in excess of 70 magnets. The demand for traceable electrical and magnetic measurements is broadening as new materials and techniques have brought the need for these measurements to new areas of industry.

There are a large number of parameters of interest, covering an ever-increasing range of values and frequencies. To provide traceability for these, NPL is involved in continuous development of measurement techniques and facilities. This gives NPL a unique range of facilities and experience in magnetic measurements.

All calibration services are accredited by UKAS and cover a wide range of magnetic parameters for both materials and instrumentation. The research and development activities that are underway to support the future requirements for measurements in the magnetics area also have ISO 9001 accreditation.

The extensive range of services summarised overleaf has provided NPL with detailed knowledge of magnetic measurement techniques. It is frequently necessary to modify a method to determine the properties required by a specific application. Such measurement capabilities can help many industries obtain the most out of their systems and techniques and if they have limited knowledge in magnetism provide the solution they require. If you would like to discuss any magnetic issues please contact NPL using the contact information given overleaf.

NPL is able to provide tailored consultancy services. This could vary from a brief technical discussion and recommendation to short and long term research projects to tackle increasingly complex issues.


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