National Physical Laboratory

Surface Engineering

 Spectacles NPL has built up expertise and facilities for the measurement of the properties and performance for engineered surfaces over a number of years.  

The thrust of the work is concerned with the development and validation of measurement methods for the characterisation of the mechanical properties of surfaces. This includes the development of tribological test methods, the development of improved methods for the measurement of coatings integrity including adhesion, the measurement of the mechanical properties of surface engineered and coated materials, and the measurement of residual stress.

The main activities are built around core three year research programmes supported by National Measurement System in collaboration with industry, with the remit of supplying manufacturing, processing and end-user industries with the measurement methods that enable industrial innovation and development.

New ways are being sought in which the improved use of measurement can contribute to UK competitiveness, and to serve customers world-wide with an expanding range of high quality scientific services. Research is undertaken and advice given in many different areas of surface engineering.

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Surface Engineering research

Surface Engineering publications

A range of publications focusing on measurement solutions in surface engineering are produced at NPL.

Surface Engineering standards

NPL works with several different standards committees in the UK, Europe and Internationally to develop measurement standards to assist industry.

Surface Engineering collaboration

NPL works with many other organisations in industry and the science base in development measurement solutions and carrying out research and development in areas concerned with engineered surfaces.


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