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NPL's multidisciplinary team undertakes research in a number of disciplines across interconnect systems.
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NPL research in electronics interconnections is carried out in close collaboration with industry and is aimed at developing new test methods, guidelines and procedures for use in the assembly of microelectronics. The research is disseminated to industry by reports and industry advisory group meetings.

NPL has made considerable contributions to solderability testing, participating in the writing of IEC standard 68-2-69 and IPC J-Std 002 and 003.

Achieving high reliability is an increasingly critical issue in today's manufacture, now that very low defect levels in manufacture are obtainable. In order to keep up with the rapid developments in a global market, NPL offers a range of suitable measurement methods to refine the assembly process and thus remain competitive. Services offered include confidential advice, consultancy case studies in issues relevant to production reliability and a range of measurement service facilities.

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Please tell us about any measurement needs you may have. Some examples of these might be:

  • Issues relating to product inspection
  • Issues relating to process control
  • Training requirements
  • Obtaining specialist calibration or testing support
  • Problem solving on measurement issues
  • Demonstrating or assessing measurement system or product performance

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