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The Earth Observation, Climate and Optical scientists research a wide range of areas relating to the application of metrology to Earth Observation, from the calibration of optical instruments to the uncertainty analysis of biophysical products.
  • NPL represents the UK, and in some cases the international metrology community as a whole, on a number of key committees.
  • Our scientists have expertise in designing optical instruments. This includes a range of instruments, from in-laboratory, low uncertainty instruments to field instruments supporting earth observation activities.
  • We can provide a number of solutions for the earth observation community. These include the calibration, characterisation and advice for sub-systems and components for satellite instruments and 'end-to-end' pre-launch calibration.
  • NPL are working with the earth observation community to achieve documentary traceability for their products through the implementation of robust quality assurance systems and measures.
  • NPL is working with the earth observation community to enhance metrological traceability through their processes.
  • Characterising the vegetated land surface one pixel at a time.
  • A satellite mission to support climate adaptation by establishing a space based climate and calibration observing system facilitating improved confidence in climate change forecasts
  • NPL are working with experts across the world to enhance the traceability of their vicarious calibration process, and to bring SI traceability to instrumented reference sites.


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