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Dimensional metrologists at NPL provide a wide range of services, facilities and expertise to support UK manufacturing, science and the metrology community.

The National Freeform Centre at NPL


Efficiency of aero engines, drag reduction for automotive bodies and increased life span of prosthetics are just some examples of the gains potentially achievable with suitable advances in freeform manufacture. However, such advances are partly limited by poor metrology infrastructure, lack of measurement traceability and absence of specialised facilities and knowledge base.


  • To support UK end-users, manufacturers and academics in freeform measurement and also to co-operate with other measurement institutes and ISO-standards.

  • To provide evaluation and traceability for CMMs with tactile and non-contact probes, laser scanners, articulated arms, fringe projection systems, and point cloud processing software.

  • The development of freeform measurement standards, enabling best practice to be established.
NPL freeform reference (300 mm)
Figure 1:
NPL freeform reference (300 mm)
Scanned data - Homer
Figure 2:
Scanned data - Homer
Breuckmann stereoSCAN 3D
Figure 3:
Breuckmann stereoSCAN 3D

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