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NPL's research in the field of adhesives is built on a century of expertise in measurement and materials. NPL has been developing test methods for characterising the physical, mechanical and processing properties of polymeric materials for over 40 years.

NPL has successfully led projects developing and promoting techniques for providing accurate, quantitative properties of adhesive materials for use in the design and manufacture of bonded joints. The work has led to developments in all the important areas of adhesive testing including specimen preparation, cure monitoring, tack, bulk and joint specimen test methods, impact performance, new materials models, environmental durability procedures and techniques for assessing performance under continuous or cyclic loading.

NPL is helping industry develop reliable design procedures for modern materials systems. The findings of the research is distributed through NPL scientific publications and international standards to promote confidence and good practice in adhesive joining.

Adhesives research

  • NPL offers expert services from which you can benefit, including preparation and testing of adhesives and bonded structures, accelerated ageing, technical advice, trouble-shooting, testing of adhesives and bonded structures, research and development in measurement methods for process control and polymer characterisation and consultancy.
  • NPL has a wealth of knowledge on materials testing, enabling us to produce accurate materials property data for inclusion in FE analyses.
  • Surface performance is critical to almost every engineering material, and the ability to apply a durable coating (functional and/or decorative) is a key requirement.
  • NPL’s environmental testing facilities and expertise cover a wide range of conditions including: static heat ageing, sub-zero exposure, humidity (hot/wet) exposure and chemical immersion (water, acids and alkaline solutions) at ambient and elevated temperatures.

Adhesives publications


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