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Functional Materials Composites, Adhesives and Polymeric Materials

Collaboration and Enquiries

For more information about the Composites, Adhesives and Polymeric Materials work at NPL, please contact Michael Gower (Composites and Adhesives) or Tony Maxwell (Polymeric Materials).

Industrial Advisory Group (IAG)

An Industrial Advisory Group (IAG) is a committee of representatives from industry who guide and collaborate in NPL's research projects. New members welcome.

Composites, Adhesives and Polymeric Materials IAG

The Composites, Adhesives and Polymeric Materials Group at NPL develop and use a broad range of measurement technology to understand the processing and performance behaviour of materials through the full life cycle. Our work supports businesses ranging from small enterprises to some of the largest automotive, aerospace and power generation multi-nationals.

We undertake a wide range of research activities from confidential research and testing through to collaborative research towards innovative measurement solutions or international standards development.

Online Consultation Surveys

  • Durability / Ageing:
    Review of measurement challenges and future standardisation needs in the area of long term performance applicable to Composites, Adhesives and Polymeric material systems.

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  • Improvements in Embedding Quality in Manufacture:
    Review of measurement challenges and future standardisation needs in the area of Composites Processing.

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Your input will help us to develop our future work.


The NPL Product Verification team has recently completed a successful Nadcap Gap Analysis with Aeromet International Ltd

NPL and University of Surrey win three collaborative research awards

New Good Practice Guide on monitoring deformation and damage in fibre-reinforced plastics

New books published which showcase NPL research - NPL has contributed to the three chapters of two new books:

Revised ISO Standards on Melt Flow Rate (ISO 1133) published.

New European Metrology Research Projects on nanoindentation of polymeric materials.

Standardisation Activities and Good Practice Guides

NPL provides input into the development of ISO standards for composites and polymer testing:

  • Composites
  • Rheology
  • Thermal properties

NPL Good Practice Guides, often a pre-cursor to standardisation, are available here

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