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NPL provides world-class research, consultancy, calibrations and specialised measurement services in chemical metrology. 

Gas Standards

NPL has one of the most experienced teams of scientists in gas analysis in the world. We produce an extensive range of gas calibration mixtures through a chain of direct comparisons to our national standards. These are used to underpin highly accurate measurements of ambient air quality, natural gas, industrial emissions, vehicle and aircraft emissions, odour measurement and occupational exposure.

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Trace and Electrochemical Analysis

NPL’s research in electrochemistry and trace analysis applies measurement science to an array of trace analysis problems, particularly within environmental matrices. This area encompasses a diverse portfolio of technologies and research in three main areas: Electrochemistry, Trace Analysis, and Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS).

Chemical Metrology News

  • Dr Richard Brown, NPL Fellow in Chemical Metrology, has been awarded the Royal Society of Chemistry's L S Theobald Lectureship.
  • The Centre for Carbon Measurement has written a report that outlines the role that hydrogen could play in the UK's decarbonisation efforts and the measurement challenges facing its growth.
  • Lucy Culleton wins first European Biogas Association Poster Award for work supporting the introduction of biogas into Europe's gas networks.
  • NPL appointed Central Calibration Laboratory for nitrogen monoxide as part of WMO programme to better understand the impact of human activity on our atmosphere.
  • Hydrogen is set to become a crucial part of the UK's future energy mix as the government strives to create a low carbon economy and meet challenging climate change and air quality targets. NPL is a key player in the development of measurement and testing solutions to support cost reduction and performance enhancement of these environmentally friendly technologies. The opening of the public hydrogen refuelling station marks the largest gathering of production fuel cell electric vehicles in the UK.


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