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Nadcap accreditation service

Gain a competitive edge by working with NPL to achieve Nadcap accreditation, recognised by leading aerospace primes as a guarantee of product quality.

What is Nadcap?

The National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (Nadcap) is a global industry-led effort to improve quality and efficiency in the aerospace and defence industries. Nadcap brings together prime contractors, suppliers and government representatives to achieve a standardised and streamlined approach to quality assurance, auditing and accreditation throughout the supply chain.

Why become Nadcap accredited?

More than 50 major aerospace organisations, including Airbus and Boeing, now require their supply chain to be Nadcap accredited.

Companies see a 40% reduction in audits

85% of companies report an improvement in quality

Over 50% of companies attribute increased sales and new business

Source: Performance Review Institute

How NPL can help

As the UK's National Measurement Institute, NPL offers world-leading expertise in measurement and inspection to help suppliers achieve Nadcap accreditation. Our experts can identify gaps in current practices that may lead to Non-Conformance Reports in a Nadcap audit, and practical solutions to address them, helping you avoid costly failures.

NPL can get you Nadcap-ready by:

Identifying gaps in measurement and inspection processes

Recommending improvements to address compliance gaps

Embedding best practice knowledge and skills in your employees

Highlighting critical areas to monitor moving forward

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Tried and tested


NPL worked with castings supplier Aeromet, through the Sharing in Growth programme, to help them become the first Nadcap-accredited company in the UK and gain a competitive advantage for the future.

We really appreciate the expertise the NPL team brought to the process. We are now confident that we know exactly where we can focus our efforts, and we are well on track to meet our Nadcap M&I quality improvement objectives."

Paul Dolphin
Quality Manager at Aeromet

Trusted experts

NPL's Nadcap accreditation service builds on our wealth of experience in product verification, helping companies across all sectors to manufacture products right first time, every time.

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