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Tony Maxwell

Dr Tony Maxwell is currently developing measurement techniques to assess the mechanical properties of polymeric materials using nanoindentation. The aim of his work is to enable local variations in the mechanical properties of polymeric products, such as: intricate mouldings, micromouldings, coatings and partially weathered / degraded material to be determined. He is also currently working on the development of measurement techniques to determine the permeability of gases through multilayer barrier films.


Tony has been at the National Physical Laboratory for over 14 years. He has a BSc (Hons) in Material Science and Technology from Brunel University and a PhD in Physics from the University of Leeds. He is responsible for the development of measurement techniques for assessing the mechanical properties of polymers and coatings and has particular expertise in the nano-mechanical testing and the long-term durability / degradation of polymeric materials. His work has resulted in the development of a wide range of new measurement techniques, methodologies and standards. Tony is the UK technical representative on the international standards committee (ISO) for the 'Ageing, chemical and environmental resistance of polymers'. He has authored over 50 papers and reports, and is a postgraduate member of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.

Selected publications

  • Accelerated Testing of Creep in Polymeric Materials using Nanoindentation
    A. S. Maxwell, M. A. Monclus, N. M. Jennett, G. Dean
    Polymer Testing, 30, pages 366-371 (2011)
  • New Approaches to Mapping Through-Thickness Variations in the Degradation of Poly(Lactide-Co-Glycolide)
    A. S. Maxwell and P. E. Tomlins
    Polymer Degradation and Stability, 96, pages 2010-2021 (2011)
  • Non-Destructive Moisture Measurement of Biodegradable Polymers for Medical Implants
    P. A. Carroll, S. A. Bell, A. S. Maxwell and P. E. Tomlins
    International Journal of Thermophysics (2011)
  • Review of Data on Gas Migration through Polymer Encapsulants
    A. S. Maxwell and S. J. Roberts
    Report Serco/tas/000500/001, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (2010)
  • Weathering of Recycled Photo-Degraded Polyethylene
    A. S. Maxwell
    Polymer Engineering and Science, 48, pages 381-385 (2008)
  • Prediction of Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance in Polyethylenes
    A. S. Maxwell and G. Pilkington
    Polymer Engineering and Science, 48, pages 360-364 (2008)
  • Measurement Good Practice Guide No. 100: Non-destructive Assessment of Coating Adhesion
    A. S. Maxwell and J. Rudlin
    ISSN 1368-6550 (2007)
  • Measurement Good Practice Guide No. 103: Accelerated Environmental Ageing of Polymeric Materials
    W. R. Broughton and A. S. Maxwell
    ISSN 1368-6550 (2007)
  • Influence of Small Fluctuating Loads on Environment Stress Cracking of Polymers
    A. S. Maxwell and A. Turnbull
    Polymer Testing, 23, pages 419-422 (2004)
  • Validated Measurement of Young's Modulus, Poisson Ratio and Thickness for Thin Coatings by Combining Instrumented (Nano)indentation and Acoustic Measurements
    N. M. Jennett, G. Aldrich-Smith, A. S. Maxwell
    Journal of Materials Research, 19, pages 143-148 (2004)
  • Measurement of Young's Modulus and Poisson's Ratio of Thin Coatings using Impact Excitation and Depth-Sensing Indentation
    A. S. Maxwell, S. Owen-Jones and N. M. Jennett
    Review of Scientific Instruments, 75, pages 970-975 (2004)

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