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Science Fellows

NPL Fellowship is a recognition of individual merit awarded to scientists who are making very significant contributions to NPL's scientific achievement and standing. It is a particular distinction that acknowledges and rewards significant scientific achievements and leadership.

Senior Fellows

Patrick Gill

Professor Patrick Gill

Optical Frequency Standards and Metrology

Alan Turnbull

Dr Alan Turnbull

Electrochemistry and Corrosion

Ian Gilmore

Professor Ian Gilmore

Surface and Nanoanalysis


Alistair Forbes

Professor Alistair Forbes

Mathematical Modelling and Experimental Data Analysis

Ian Robinson

Dr Ian Robinson

Electrical Metrology

Mark Gee

Professor Mark Gee

Surface Engineering and Tribology

JT Janssen

Dr JT Janssen

Quantum Electrical Metrology

Graham Machin

Professor Graham Machin

Temperature Measurement

Nigel Fox

Dr Nigel Fox

Optical Radiometry and Earth Observation

Graham Sims

Professor Graham D Sims

Composites and Materials Systems

Bajram Zeqiri

Dr Bajram Zeqiri


Helen Margolis

Dr Helen Margolis

Optical Frequency Standards and Metrology

Richard Brown

Dr Richard Brown

Chemical Metrology

Alexander Tzalenchuk

Professor Alexander Tzalenchuk

Solid State Quantum

Gareth Hinds

Dr Gareth Hinds


Emeritus Senior Fellows

Maurice Cox

Professor Maurice Cox

Mathematics and Scientific Computing

John Gallop

Professor John Gallop

Quantum Metrology and Nanoscience

Neil McCartney

Professor Neil McCartney

Materials Modelling

Bryan Roebuck

Dr Bryan Roebuck

Characterisation and Performance of Materials

Martin Seah

Dr Martin Seah

Surface and Nanoanalysis

Emeritus Fellows

Gordon Edwards

Dr Gordon Edwards

Thermal Measurement

Roger Morrell

Dr Roger Morrell

Materials Science

Richard Rusby

Dr Richard Rusby

Temperature Measurement

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