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Ruth Pearce


Ruth Hill-Pearce received her PhD from Imperial College London, where she developed carbon nanotube gas and vapour sensors. During her PhD she completed a Marie Curie placement at Linköping University in Sweden, returning to Linköping as a postdoctoral researcher investigating gas detectors for high temperature applications, before being appointed assistant professor. During her time as an assistant professor, Ruth led research on graphene gas sensors for environmental monitoring where she pioneered mapping work function change on sensor surfaces using atomic force microscopy (AFM). Ruth first joined NPL in the Quantum Detection Group in 2012 and worked on a number of projects, including continuing her work investigating the effects of gas adsorbates on electrical transport in graphene using AFM; quantum metrology projects utilising the quantum Hall effect in graphene; and non-contact microwave characterisation of the electronic properties of graphene. In 2015, Ruth joined the Gas Metrology Group within the Analytical Science Division.

Current research interests

Ruth is currently researching environmental and industrial gas metrology, and is primarily involved in research around hydrogen purity for energy applications and investigating reference standards for greenhouse gases which provide traceability for global atmospheric air quality monitoring.

Selected publications

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Tel: 020 8943 7165

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