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Current interests

Peter Woolliams

Peter is currently working in the Multifunctional Materials Group on the use and application of Ferroelectric materials in both energy harvesting and sensing applications.


Following graduation in Physics from Imperial College in 1998, Peter joined NPL and worked in the areas of picosecond optoelectronic measurements and non-linear fibre metrology.

In 2002, he joined IPF Technology/Imperial College as a TCS Associate developing fibre Bragg gratings for laser applications as well as building custom fibre lasers and amplifiers and developing high power laser diode packaging.

Rejoining NPL in 2005, Peter led the Diffuse Reflectance and Transmittance measurement services, making a number of technical and quality improvements, ensuring their successful UKAS accreditation.

Peter then moved to the Biophotonics team to lead the development of a range of scattering phantom artefacts for the calibration and validation of Optical Coherence Tomography imaging systems. In particular, he led the development of a world leading 3D point-spread function artefact.

In 2010, Peter joined the Multifunctional Materials group, working on the use of piezoelectric materials as sensors in a metal cutting environment as part of a collaborative R&D project as well as in other energy harvesting applications.

Peter is a Chartered Physicist and Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, and is a member of the Institute of Physics Professional Standards Committee.

Selected publications

  • Voltage control of the magnetic coercive field: Multiferroic coupling or artifact?
    M. Vopsaroiu, M. G. Cain, P. D. Woolliams, P. M Weaver, M. Stewart, C. D. Wright, and Y. Tran
    J. App. Phys., 109 (6) 066101 (2011)
  • Femtosecond laser micro-inscription of optical coherence tomography resolution test artifacts
    P. H. Tomlins, G. N. Smith, P. D. Woolliams, J. Rasakanthan and K. Sugden
    Biomed Opt Express, 2 (5), pages 1319-1327 (2011)
  • The modulation transfer function of an optical coherence tomography imaging system in turbid media
    P. D. Woolliams and P. H. Tomlins
    Physics in Medicine and Biology, 56 (9), page 2855 (2011)
  • Estimating the resolution of a commercial optical coherence tomography system with limited spatial sampling
    P. D. Woolliams and P. H. Tomlins
    Measurement Science and Technology, 22 (6), page 065502 (2011)

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