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Current interests

Graham Beamiss

Graham Beamiss is working in the Underwater Acoustics field. He is primarily involved in work that is conducted at simulated ocean conditions; this can be characterising acoustic devices, or determining the acoustic properties of viscoelastic materials. Graham is also responsible for the maintaining and operating the Acoustic Pressure Vessel Facility (APV). His skills also cross over to other areas of Underwater Acoustics.


Graham joined NPL as an engineering apprentice. Following successful completion of his apprenticeship, he worked for several years in the Engineering Services department manufacturing scientific equipment and instrumentation. He then moved to the Underwater Acoustics group to run the APV facility.

Selected publications

  • Determination of the variation in free-field hydrophone response with temperature and depth
    G. A. Beamiss, S. P. Robinson, G. Hayman and T. J. Esward
    Acta Acustica – Acustica 88, pages 799-802 (2002)
  • Improvements in the provision of standards for underwater acoustics at simulated ocean conditions
    G. A. Beamiss, G. Hayman, S. P. Robinson and A. D. Thompson
    NPL Report DQL-AC 010 (2004)
  • Hydrophone performance variation with water temperature and depth
    J. Ablitt, G. A. Beamiss, S. P. Robinson and G. Hayman
    Proceedings of Undersea Defence Technology (2006)

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Tel: 020 8943 6146

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