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Polystyrene Wavenumber – NPL Branded Standard

New NPL Polystyrene Wavenumber Standard
New NPL polystyrene wavenumber standard

This calibration standard is suitable for the validation of the wavenumber scale of IR spectrometers.

Each transfer standard is individually calibrated at NPL and consists of a selected polystyrene film, matt finished on both surfaces and nominally 35 µm thick, mounted in a cardboard frame with a circular window about 25 mm in diameter. The card mount is 50 mm wide to fit the sample holder of most commercially available spectrometers.

The standard is supplied with a certificate of calibration showing calibrated transmittance minima (absorption peaks) at wavenumbers around 3060, 2850, 1944, 1601, 1583, 1154 and 1028 cm-1. This service is UKAS accredited.

The uncertainties of calibration at the 95% confidence level quoted on the calibration certificate are ± 0.4 wavenumbers for the transmittance minima around 3060, 2850 1154 and 1028 cm-1, ± 0.5 wavenumbers for the transmittance minima around 1601 and 1583 cm-1 and ± 0.6 wavenumbers for the transmittance minima around 1944 cm-1.

The calibrations will be fully valid for all resolutions of 4 wavenumbers or better, and will only be marginally affected by use of a resolution of 8 wavenumbers. Resolutions of worse than 8 wavenumbers will involve some increase in uncertainties.

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