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Second meeting of the NPL Science and Technology Advisory Council

The second meeting of the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) Science and Technology Advisory Council (STAC) was held on Tuesday 8 December 2015.

The STAC (front row) met with members of NPL staff over lunch during a technical poster presentation
The STAC (front row) met with members of NPL staff over lunch during a technical poster presentation

The Council was formed in early 2015 to provide independent strategic advice, challenge and support to NPL, particularly on the quality, international standing and industrial relevance of NPL's science and technology.

The Council consists of a cross-section of senior representatives of the community of measurement stakeholders, including industry, academia, other National Measurement Institutes (NMIs), government departments, national and international Research and Technology Organisations (RTOs) and learned institutions, all of whom have a high-level strategic appreciation of the importance of metrology in their sector.

In 2015, the Council commissioned an independent technical review of NPL and National Measurement System (NMS) supported science, to assess the quality of science against international benchmarks. The Council has also provided advice and detailed input into the UK's Measurement Strategy.

During the meeting, Council members took time to discuss in detail the development of the UK Measurement Strategy, and the progress of the NPL/NMS International Science Review. The Council also took a tour of NPL facilities, and attended a poster fair hosted by NPL scientists of all levels.

The meetings continue to be held twice a year, and sub-groups of the Council perform significant work throughout the year in support of NPL.

Professor Paul Howarth, NPL Non-Executive Director and Chair of the STAC, said:

"I am delighted with the progress that the STAC is making. We have initiated an International Science Review of NPL and the NMS which is due to complete shortly and we have also reviewed the draft UK Measurement Strategy. I continue to be impressed by the input from the STAC, and the degree of seniority of STAC members that are prepared to commit their time to this venture is testament and recognition to the importance of the work carried out by NPL and the designated institutes of the NMS. InĀ future STAC meetings we look forward to spending more time diving deep into specific research disciplines."

Dr Jason Crain, NPL's Director of Research, said:

"The STAC has very quickly become a powerful and effective influence in NPL. The formation of STAC sub-groups has proven particularly successful in steering the International Science Review and making input into the UK Measurement Strategy. We are very grateful for their continuing commitment to the National Physical Laboratory and for helping to guide its future direction."

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Created: 18 Jan 2016


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