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NPL's verification service for articulated arm CMMs

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) offers the UK's first ISO 17025 (UKAS) accredited articulated arm co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM) verification service to comply with the widely recognised ASME B89 standard.

The first UKAS accredited articulated arm co-ordinate measuring machine verification service to comply with the ASME B89 standard.

Articulated arm CMMs are used increasingly as a portable solution for inspecting parts and assemblies, as well as for reverse engineering, in the automotive and aerospace industries. Their portable nature is what makes them popular, but it also means they are susceptible to knocks and bangs during use and transportation, and this can impact performance. Until recently, there was very little metrological support to verify the performance of articulated arms.

NPL now offers an ISO 17025 (UKAS) accredited articulated arm CMM verification service that is the first in the UK to be fully compliant with the internationally recognised standard ASME B89. This standard is used extensively by articulated arm manufacturers to specify their equipment, meaning that the verification service will be compatible with their in-house procedures.

The verification service is based around a specially designed facility at NPL that includes a four tonne granite structure to support the devices during testing. The service has to be fast to avoid downtime, and there is a target turnaround time of five working days from delivery to return.

By improving the confidence in measurements made by articulated arm CMMs, this verification service may well lead to them becoming an even more common sight on the industrial shop floor, bringing both benefits to the companies that use them and an opportunity for arm manufacturers to grow their business.

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Last Updated: 19 Feb 2014
Created: 14 Nov 2012


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