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NPL involved in 22 new European Metrology joint research projects

NPL is to lead eight European joint research projects in SI Broader Scope, Open Excellence and Industry and is involved as a partner in a further 14 projects.

Image courtesy of iStockphoto
Image courtesy of iStockphoto

It has now been announced that the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) won the bidding to lead eight EMRP (European Metrology Research Programme) joint research projects from the most recent call for projects in SI Broader Scope, Open Excellence and Industry.

As well as taking the lead in these eight projects, NPL was successful as a partner in a further 14 projects.

This means that, out of a total of 31 funded EMRP projects, NPL has a position in 22 of them - demonstrating the leading international status of NPL in European metrology, as well as the high value placed on NPL's contribution by other National Measurement Institutes across Europe.

This brings the total number of EMRP projects in which NPL is involved to 71. As some of the initial projects are now coming to an end, the impact achieved and benefits of collaboration across Europe are becoming clear.

The eight projects that NPL will be leading are:

  • Metrology for new electrical measurement qualities in high frequency circuits
  • International timescales with optical clocks
  • Metrology for thermal protection materials
  • Chemical metrology tools to support manufacture of advanced biomaterials
  • Large volume metrology in industry
  • Metrology for optical and RF communications
  • Metrology to enable high temperature erosion testing
  • Novel electronic devices based on the control of strain at the nanoscale

The additional projects involving NPL are listed below:

SI Broader Scope

  • Quantum resistance based on graphene
  • A quantum standard for sampled electrical measurements
  • Crystalline and self-assembled structures as length standards
  • Force traceability at the meganewton range
  • Metrology for moisture in materials

Open Excellence

  • Spintronics and spin-caloritronics in magnetic nanosystems
  • Measurement and control of single-photon microwave radiation on a chip
  • Quantum engineered states for optical clocks and atomic sensors
  • Single-photon sources for quantum technologies


  • Traceable in-process dimensional measurement
  • Metrology for movement with six degrees of freedom
  • Multisensor metrology for microparts
  • Metrology for processing materials with high natural radioactivity
  • Metrology for airborne molecular contamination in manufacturing environments

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