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Insights magazine: Harnessing unexploited satellite data

In the latest issue of Insights magazine, Robert Elliott, Space Business Development Manager at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), discusses the potential uses of unexploited satellite observation data, and how NPL is helping to ensure this data is accurate and accessible.

Insights Issue 09 - Big data - Space

Satellite imagery is now used routinely, but data from 'invisible' parts of the spectrum, such as the infrared, microwave and ultraviolet ranges, is currently underutilised. There is growing interest in this invisible data though, as it has great potential to shape commercial operations, and improve productivity and wellbeing.

The possible uses of this information are vast. NPL is involved in projects exploiting such Earth observation data, in combination with additional data sources, to manage transport infrastructure in London, to improve farming efficiency and yields, and to monitor shipping in the English Channel.

The full benefits will only be realised if the data is of sufficient quality though. To ensure this, NPL and strategic partner, the University of Surrey, have joined forces to create the Global Sensing and Satellite Centre (GloSS). Combining scientific excellence in data, measurement and satellite technologies, GloSS will develop new information products and services, and offer greater clarity and access to Earth observation data. GloSS will help ensure this currently unexploited stream of big data is accurate and available.

Read Robert Elliott's article in the latest issue of Insights magazine

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Last Updated: 18 Sep 2017
Created: 24 May 2016


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