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Funding competition: Analysis for Innovators

Do you have an issue with accuracy or speed of measurement on a production line which you have been unable to solve using standard technologies and techniques? Or maybe you are looking to increase low yields; reduce re-work and scrap, or are looking to extend a products' performance in service life?

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Then the Analysis for Innovators (A4I) funding programme may be able to assist. It targets competitiveness and productivity head on, by offering technical expertise and facilities to UK companies that want to solve an analysis or measurement problem, from within their existing business.

Since this is addressing real problems you have with existing processes in your business, we believe it will be of interest to companies that haven't previously considered applying for funding. Any size business with a measurement or analysis problem is able to apply.

Innovate UK have partnered with - NPL, STFC, NEL and LGC - who have some of the most knowledgeable measurement experts and advanced facilities available in the world and they are situated here in the UK. They will be seeking to collaborate with successful applicants to A4I to solve analysis and measurement problems acting as a block to productivity and competitiveness.

A4I will be run as a two-stage scheme, and at the first stage, InnovateUK are not requiring you to describe the project that you want to do; instead you will need to describe the problem, its nature, any techniques you have already tried and the value to your business of solving it. And to make it even easier they are asking you to submit a short (two-minute) video of the problem, which can be made simply on your phone or your tablet. At stage one, companies do not need to know what is needed to solve the problem. Establishing this is part of the competition process.

If you are successful at stage one, then you will have the opportunity to meet with experts to define the scope of the issue and decide how to tackle it.

The aim of this two-stage competition is to help companies overcome intractable product or process performance problems through advanced analytical technologies.

Proposals should clearly outline the problem faced by the business. They should also show the value to the business of solving that problem, both in terms of financial and operational performance.

We expect projects to range in size, from total costs of £30,000 to £250,000 and should last between three and 11 months.

If you are a company, you can apply on your own, but the project will involve collaborating with one of the four co-funding partners to solve your business challenge.

View Competition brief: Analysis for Innovators

Key dates:

Competition opens 9 January 2017

Attend briefing event on 12 January 2017 in person or by webcast

Applications before noon on 1 February 2017

If successful at stage 1, you must be available for mandatory consortium-building events between 21 and 23 February 2017

Contact: Communications

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Created: 27 Oct 2016


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