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Emissions Measurement: Guidance and Training

NPL promotes good source emissions measurement practice via training and consultancy.

We are on the Management Board of the Source Testing Association, with whom we organise proficiency testing schemes. We have been involved with the creation of the Environment Agency's MCERTS scheme and we offer guidance on the implementation of CEN standards, e.g. EN 14181.

Emissions Guidance

EN 14181

Scientists from NPL represent the UK on CEN committee working groups, which draw up standards for emission measurement in Europe.

We have written a Guidance Document on the implementation of EN 14181, for the Irish EPA. See the document and worked examples

We have also developed uncertainty budgets for the standard reference methods (SRMs) required for the implementation of EN 14181. These are available for all stack emissions measurements teams to use, although users should validate their own calculations.

Uncertainty budgets:

An alternative method for the measurement of SO2 emissions using instrumental methods:

NPL and the Source Testing Association have carried out a validation study, for the Environment Agency of England and Wales, of Technical Guidance Note M21 'Stationary Source Emissions - A procedure to use an Alternative Method for measuring emissions of sulphur dioxide, using instrumental techniques'. The report is available to download

Continuous Emissions Monitor (CEM) Testing

NPL has ISO 17025 accreditation for the testing of CEMs, required to gain MCERTS certification. Our unique Stack Simulator is used to test new measurement methods and protocols and we have fully accredited stack emissions monitoring teams. For more details, please follow the links:

Proficiency Testing (PT) Schemes

These form part of the ongoing development of stack emissions measurements teams throughout the UK:


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