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NPL Manufacture Measurement Network Event – Digital Manufacturing

17 October 2017

There is much talk about the coming of the Fourth Industrial Revolution – known by many names, but usually misunderstood and occasionally causing concern to companies that feel they may be left behind as technology progresses, or that it has no relevance to them without really understanding the commercial benefits.

The next Manufacturing Measurement Network (MMN) event entitled 'Digital Manufacturing' will attempt to clarify what is actually meant by these concepts and how they can be adopted, and the benefits embraced by manufacturers. We will focus on SMEs as it is smaller businesses who often find the challenges of introducing new technologies more challenging, due to time and cost constraints. We will attempt to challenge pre-conceived ideas, to bring clarity and understanding to how you can take the first steps in becoming more digitally enabled.

There are many reasons why manufacturers should consider adopting new digital technologies as soon as possible, including:

  • Reduce the cost of unplanned maintenance shutdowns to boost productivity
  • Potential pressure from higher tiers in the supply chain to share data, possibly even live views of suppliers' manufacturing processes
  • Opportunities for adoption of digital technologies to better understand, manage and control manufacturing processes, thereby reducing the cost of quality or energy use
  • Helping to create more flexible manufacturing systems, which are more agile and able to react quickly to customers' emerging needs

Adopting digital technologies does not necessarily mean designing new manufacturing processes from scratch; much can be done to instrument current systems in order to be able to capture useful data. It is the intelligent use of this data that can make a difference to how a business operates.

Register for our Digital Manufacturing event to find out more, to network with like-minded businesses and stay in touch with new technologies and new ideas. Learn how to use data to create business benefits.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Andy Hodgson (Siemens)
  • Richard Hill (University of Huddersfield)
  • Ben Peace (KTN)

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