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Celebrating Science Protons for Breakfast

A six-week course for people interested in science and its impact on our lives.


Many people find ideas about atoms, molecules and fundamental particles abstract and alienating. This is strange because everyone is made up of atoms and molecules and we all eat fundamental particles for breakfast!

No experience of science is required!

Protons for Breakfast activities

Three sessions of demonstrations and 'hands on' activities leading to a simple, but sound, understanding of science and technology. The sessions will focus on:

  • The size and scale of the universe
  • The astonishing electric force
  • Light
  • Atoms

Three sessions of discussion of current issues: The discussions will focus on the problem of how we as human beings, citizens, and voters can make decisions about complex scientific matters, such as:

  • The greenhouse effect and global warming
  • Will we need nuclear power in the future?
  • Is my mobile phone affecting my brain?

There are no special preparations to make.

If you're even thinking about attending, it's because you are curious about how science affects your life. And that's all it takes. You don't need any level of qualification in Maths or Science.

Most people find it very enjoyable!

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