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Radionuclide Calibrator

The Radionuclide Calibrator e-Learning Course has been designed to support the effective use of radionuclide calibrators, in a clinical setting. It delivers the right skills and strategies when operating them, and provides a methodological approach when implementing quality assurance tasks, and identifying sources of uncertainty.

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Main Objectives

  • To maximise the accuracy of activity measurements in hospitals, leading to better outcomes for patients
  • To help meet nuclear medicine competencies, and thus comply with regulations
  • To improve quality assurance processes, leading to increased confidence in radionuclide calibrator performance
  • To improve assessment of processes and outcomes, through enhanced understanding of measurement uncertainty

Learning objectives

  • Understand the operation of a radionuclide calibrator and its constituent parts
  • Understand the term calibration factor
  • Explain the factors affecting the response of an ionisation chamber
  • Use the specifications of a range of radionuclide calibrators to recommend the most appropriate in a given situation
  • Understand the importance of traceability to activity measurement
  • Understand the calibration of secondary standard radionuclide calibrators against primary standards, and field instruments against reference instruments
  • Use a range of strategies to derive calibration factors and dial settings, taking into account the geometries of source and chamber
  • Use copper filters appropriately in the measurement of beta-emitters and low-energy gamma emitters
  • Be able to perform a range of acceptance and Quality Assurance tests, including linearity, repeatability and accuracy
  • Identify the main sources of uncertainty in radionuclide calibrator measurements
  • Evaluate measurement uncertainty in a given situation for a radionuclide calibrator

This course is aimed at

  • Medical physicists working in nuclear medicine
  • Nuclear medicine technologists and practitioners
  • Trainees on the NHS PTP or STP training programmes
  • Radiopharmacists and; those working in radiopharmacies

Course modules

  • Module 1: How a Radionuclide Calibrator Works
  • Module 2: Derivation of Calibration Factors and Dial Settings for Radionuclide Calibrators
  • Module 3: Quality Assurance for Radionuclide Calibrators
  • Module 4: Sources of Uncertainty for Radionuclide Calibrators

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