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Introduction to Metrology

This course has been designed to introduce metrology, the science of measurement, and explore its value for industry, the economy, science and society.

The course introduces practical guidelines that will help trainees to improve measurement procedures within their day-to-day work, and support successful everyday measurements.

You will receive an NPL certificate upon completion.

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This e-Learning course is aimed at a broad audience

  • Professionals and management in measurement or related roles
  • Professionals working on the manufacturing shop floor
  • Professionals working in inspection departments
  • Students and apprentices
  • Wider audience (with interest in the science of measurement)

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Course format

  • 2 hours of self-paced HD video lessons
  • Over 30 self-assessment questions
  • Formal assessments with over 55 questions
  • 1 hour and 30 minutes of additional selected videos
  • Selection of links to improve your measurement awareness and skills
  • Printable lesson slides


  • English

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About the course

NPL scientists are innovating and developing state-of-the-art measurement techniques every day. This new e-Learning course is an opportunity for those who study or work in roles that involve measurement to gain access to this know-how and use it to improve their understanding, efficiency and productivity.

This e-Learning course is composed of a series of video modules with rich multimedia presentations, exercises and an extensive selection of additional content, delivered through a self-paced learning experience. Trainees will have the ability to assess their own progress and receive immediate feedback. At the end of each section, they can take an assessment to quantify how much they have learned.

Course modules

  • The Role of Metrology and its Worldwide Relevance - This module outlines some key events that led to today's metrology framework. This will be the starting point to define what metrology really is, and explore its value to macroeconomics, quality of life and science.
  • The International System of Units (SI) - This module explores The International System of Units. For each of the seven SI base units, it will examine their past, present and future and understand the methods used by metrology institutes to realise them.
  • The Relevance of the World Wide Measurement Uniformity - This module defines today's international metrological infrastructure and organisation. This provides the foundation to understand the concepts of 'traceability' and 'calibration'.
  • Measurement in Practice - This module is related to the processes essential for good measurement practice and the terms used when measuring. It briefly defines measurement uncertainty, and some key concepts related to it.

Course formal assessment

The formal assessment is organised into 4 separate final assessments, each grading your knowledge and understanding of a particular module:

  • Module I. Final Assessment (corresponding to 25% of the overall grade)
  • Module II. Final Assessment (corresponding to 25% of the overall grade)
  • Module III. Final Assessment (corresponding to 25% of the overall grade)
  • Module IV. Final Assessment (corresponding to 25% of the overall grade)

You will receive a completion certificate if you complete your course with the final grade of 50% or over.

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