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Working in Partnership with Industry

NPL's expertise often manifests itself in technology products or processes that are for sale or available to license. Many companies benefit from NPL technology inside their own products, processes and services.

NPL Technology Applied is a co-branding scheme for instrumentation and software technology developed by NPL and incorporated into commercial products. NPL Technology Applied is only available on products that are licensed from NPL or that NPL sells.

Partner companies not only enjoy the benefit of the NPL technology, but the brand association with an internationally recognised and respected research institute that has a long history of involvement in groundbreaking measurement research.

As guardian of the UK's national measurement standards, visible association with NPL will serve as a tangible marker of the organisation's commitment to accuracy and quality.

Companies currently using NPL Technology Applied include:

NPL Technology Applied

"Strong brands add weight to the credibility of the system, giving us a significant advantage in introducing a new testing concept to the market."
Instron Area Sales Manager

"The partnership with NPL has been a great success for Arden Photonics."
David Robinson, Founder and Managing Director of Arden Photonics

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Last Updated: 28 Sep 2016
Created: 23 Aug 2007


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