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Products & Services

Experienced consultants and project managers draw upon a unique combination of industry know-how and world leading scientific discovery to deliver real-world business solutions and enable innovation and secure competitive advantage. Simply use the plus buttons to learn more about a product or service.


NPL, as an integral part of its measurement research capability, develops highly accurate metrology instrumentation, sensors and artefacts. These products, based on those operated at NPL, are sold to Government, Industry and Academic laboratories throughout the world, supporting the development of measurement infrastructure and enabling scientific innovation.

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IP Exploitation

NPL's scientific research & development generates intellectual property in a wide range of technical fields, including new materials, sensors, optics, software and much more.

We have an active IP strategy, protecting and licensing the IP generated by our scientists, and we manage a broad patent portfolio. NPL invites organisations that want to gain access to this IP to approach us and discuss how we can work together.

The 'NPL Technology Applied' trademarked brand is also available for licensing. Companies who partner with us to take NPL IP to market not only enjoy the benefit of our cutting edge science, but can also brand their products as 'NPL Technology Applied', benefiting from the association with an internationally recognised research institute.

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The primary objective of NPL's training courses is to encourage learners to make a difference within their workplaces, giving them the opportunity to generate a return on investment for their employer whilst simultaneously improving corporate measurement capability.

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Technical R&D

NPL can complement, or provide, bespoke contract research and development for your organisation and we can also project-manage scientific teams on your behalf. Working with NPL opens the door to over 400 passionate scientists and world-class facilities through UK government-backed research programmes.

NPL's expertise in understanding the requirements from industry is drawn from our long history of working with industry. We understand the need to deliver practical, economically viable and commercially successful solutions to real life problems within a finite time frame.

NPL helps business; large or small turn great ideas into great products.

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Product Verification Programme

The Product Verification Programme addresses a significant challenge that affects the sustainability and growth of the UK's advanced manufacturing sectors. There is evidence that the UK is losing capacity and capability overseas due to a lack of competitiveness, especially in the supply chains. The ability to manufacture products and components to the original design specification and 'right first time, right every time' is a key factor in this competitiveness.

The Product Verification Programme is led by NPL and delivered in partnership with the Laboratory for Integrated Metrology Applications (LIMA) of the University of Bath.

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NPLTime ® offers the financial sector a certified precise time signal, directly traceable to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and independent of GPS. The core implementation and additional metrics provide the user with underpinning timing capability for traceable timestamping, latency monitoring and synchronisation. The signal is fully compliant with the MiFID II RTS 25 timing traceability requirement.

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