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Explores how the science and technology community in the UK can come together to deliver world-class science that can change the way we live our lives and do business, influence government funding and policies while continuing to deliver value for money.

NPL re-launches to address global challenges and accelerate UK industry

  • The latest issue of Insights focuses on cancer research and how measurement capability can assist the uptake of new interventions.

  • This edition of Insights is dedicated to big data, but what do we mean by that term? In this issue you will see big data referred to as both a technology and a solution to various challenges. You will also see it described as a challenge in itself with new approaches and algorithms needed to solve it.

  • This edition of Insights examines the role of light in a variety of applications, including measurement, energy generation and communications. It includes contributions from the UK National Committee for IYL2015, the Bureau International des Poids et Mesures (BIPM) and NPL.

  • Innovation has been at the heart of a wealth of new reports, underlining its importance to the UK economy.

  • How funding and partnerships are helping to translate quantum research from the laboratory into successful commercial technologies

  • This edition of Insights looks at ways to secure the skills pipeline and how to produce skills for an innovation driven economy.

  • In this edition of Insights, we explore recent developments in the UK space industry.

  • In this edition of Insights, we look at some of the different issues in understanding and mitigating climate change.

  • In this issue of Insights, we focus on what the UK can do to remain a force in improving the provision of healthcare and its services across the world

  • The latest edition of NPL's Insights magazine examines innovation from a variety of perspectives


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