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  • Advanced Manufacturing

    Advanced Manufacturing

    "BP Exploration has continued to benefit from NPL's world-class corrosion testing and modelling capabilities in 2009, and we intend to cooperate even more closely in 2010 and beyond."

    Steve Groves
    Programme Manager
    Inherently Reliable Facilities Flagship, BP


    NPL is working with companies in the advanced manufacturing sector to help drive innovation, improve processes and quality while reducing costs through the application of measurement science. Choosing NPL as your partner in R&D will help your business overcome even the most challenging technical issues faced, maximising your success, every time.

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  • Defence & Security

    Aerospace, Defence & Security

    BAE wanted to ensure that every engineer, designer and inspector had a good grasp of metrology to increase productivity by reducing human error. BAE Systems trainers completed the training course to become accredited to deliver the NPL Dimensional Measurement Training Programme to its own staff.

    BAE Systems

    BAE Systems

    NPL is working with businesses in the defence and security sector to delivery groundbreaking technologies helping our armed forces and security services respond to an ever-changing threat. Our expertise in detection, biometrics, secure communications and data modelling allow us integrate scientific discovery with real world application.

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  • Digital Economy

    Digital Economy

    "NPL has provided us with very valuable services, which have helped ensure that our satellites offer the accuracy needed provide our customers with technology they can trust, and remain ahead of our competitors."

    Dr Martin Unwin
    Head of GNSS/GPS Team
    Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd

    Surrey Satellites

    The digital economy is helping individuals, businesses, and society as a whole to benefit from information and communications technologies in new ways. NPL is active in a wide range of activities including fundamental research, measurement validation, primary instrumentation builds, modelling, training and product development.

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  • Energy


    "The project demonstrates the superiority of the innovative, automated measurement techniques over manual methods of determination. The testing at NPL allowed these new methods to be proved and provided confidence in their accuracy."

    Dr Nick Bates
    National Grid

    National Grid

    NPL works with the energy sector to ensure reliability of supply through developing robust systems and technologies that will help bring a safe and sustainable future. NPL, with industry is overcoming challenges of a future supplied by renewable energy, while addressing demands on traditional fossil fuels through our expertise in measurement science

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  • Healthcare


    As a testament to the partnership between NPL and Agilent, one of the reasons that they recently chose to base their European Service Centre in the UK rather than at the European head office in Germany was the strength of its close relationship with NPL.

    Agilent Technologies

    Agilent Technologies

    NPL is working with the Healthcare and Bioscience industries in the drive for product innovation for improved quality of life through the application and understanding of measurement technologies. With NPL as your partner in R&D will help your business overcome even the most challenging technical issues faced, maximising your success, every time .

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  • Knowledge Services

    Knowledge Services

    The University of Surrey and NPL are to collaborate on the delivery of a £10 million programme to translate the results of research into innovation that makes a real-world difference including areas that cover mobile communications and internet connectivity, next generation materials for space and satellite engineering and nanotechnology supporting the further miniaturisation in the semiconductor industry.

    University of Surrey

    University of Surrey

    NPL's Knowledge Services team helps organisations investing in science and technology extract the maximum value from their investments. With extensive experience in the development of Knowledge Transfer programmes, NPL is ideally positioned to help industry develop these systems to help retain knowledge and implement best practise in this area .

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  • Measurement Solutions

    Measurement Solutions

    "Working together with a member of NPL has helped us understand and demonstrate the potential for a novel measurement technique. The support has saved Fluke between three to six months of internal engineering development work and £100,000 in monetary terms. We estimated that if development time savings were on critical path for shorter time-to-market, the wider impact on revenue and profits of NPL's intervention could be £1 million to £10 million"

    Paul Roberts
    Project Manager
    Fluke Precision Measurement Ltd


    NPL is working with UK industry to deliver measurement driven solutions that are based on the highest level of accuracy. Our knowledge comes from NPL’s role in the development and maintenance of the UK measurement standards. Our experience comes from working with businesses to apply this knowledge to solve challenging issues for over 100 years.

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  • Sustainability

    Sustainability & Environment

    Over the last five years NPL in collaboration with leading UK organisations in energy materials and the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) have been collaborating with the US Department of Energy (DOE) on fossil energy research and development. Advanced materials have been identified as an essential underpinning technology in the development of new and cleaner power generation systems with lower costs, shorter lead-times and less risk.

    US Department of Energy
    Department of Energy and Climate Change

    US Department of Energy & Department of Energy and Climate Change

    As the world adapts to reduce harmful environmental emissions and meet challenging greenhouse gas reduction targets, there is an essential need for new innovations, technology and processes. NPL is leading research and development in areas of measurement, validation and verification techniques required to support the development of new low carbon technology.

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  • Training


    "Thanks to NPL Training, the measurement associates are now thinking out of the box. We are already seeing a faster turnaround of measurement activities with higher accuracy and increased confidence. NPL is known for its technical expertise in this area, and can provide the highest level validated training. It's added to our professionalism and improved communication with our suppliers."

    Mark Imms
    Metrology Manager
    Bentley Motors


    NPL's Training Framework is designed to up-skill staff in the science of metrology and its underpinning principles and methods. The key focus is on why measurement is vital to efficient productivity and not simply on how to measure accurately and precisely. Our product portfolio of wide ranging modular courses, is available internationally through NPL Approved Training Deliverers.

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NPL is a UK national science laboratory responding to the economic and social challenges of government and businesses, translating scientific research to improve quality of life, introduce or improve products and processes, and increase commercial competitive advantage.

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