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The Centre for Carbon Measurement reduces uncertainties in climate data, provides the robust measurement that is required to account for, price and trade carbon emissions and helps develop and accelerate the take up of low carbon technologies.
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Measurement needs within the hydrogen industry

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The Centre for Carbon Measurement at NPL brings together academic and business partners with government and is designed to ensure that we can have confidence in the measurements we need to improve our understanding of the global climate, deliver policies for mitigating climate change, and accelerate the development of low carbon technologies.

David Willetts
Former Minister of State for
Universities and Science

Global climate change is one of the most challenging issues facing policy makers and industry today. Mitigation of and adaptation to climate change will require coordination and collaboration between science, business and governments.

The Centre for Carbon Measurement at NPL will build on NPL's capability, working with partners to address the following three areas:

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Through its wide-ranging expertise as part of the world-renowned National Physical Laboratory, the Centre for Carbon Measurement will make a major contribution to improving the quality of Earth observations relevant to climate and environmental change.

Prof Alan O’Neill
Director, National Centre for Earth Observation
University of Reading

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