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Review Science & Technology Advisory Council

The Science and Technology Advisory Council (STAC) provides independent strategic advice, challenge and support to the National Physical Laboratory

The Science and Technology Advisory Council provides independent strategic advice, challenge and support to the National Physical Laboratory, particularly on the quality, international standing and industrial relevance of NPL's science and technology.

Primarily, the Council commissions appropriate independent reviews to assess the quality of NPL's work against international benchmarks, which occurs on a three to four yearly cycle.

STAC members

Dr Paul J A Howarth (Chair)
Chief Executive Officer
UK National Nuclear Laboratory


Professor Sir John Pethica
Former Chief Scientific Adviser
National Physical Laboratory

Professor Lynn Gladden
Pro Vice Chancellor for Research
Cambridge University


Dr William D Phillips
National Institute of Standards & Technology, USA

Professor Joanna Haigh
Co-Director of the Grantham Institute for Climate Change and the Environment
Imperial College London


Professor Isobel Pollock-Hulf
Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor in Engineering Design, School of Mechanical Engineering
University of Leeds

Professor Michael Kearney
Provost and Executive Vice-President
University of Surrey


Chris Poole
Group Head of Engineering and Technology Development
The Weir Group plc

Professor Sir Peter L Knight
Kavli Royal Society International Centre


Dr Malcolm Skingle
Director of Academic Liaison, Worldwide Business Development

Professor David Littlejohn
Executive Dean, Faculty of Science
University of Strathclyde


Dr Robert Sorrell
Vice President Public Partnerships, Research & Technology

Dr Willie E May
Director Emeritus
National Institute of Standards & Technology, USA


Professor James Stirling
Imperial College London

Sir David McMurtry
Chairman and Chief Executive
Renishaw plc


Professor Sir William Wakeham
Senior Vice-President

Professor Ric Parker
NPL Distinguished Visitor
Professor Jeremy Watson
Vice-Dean of Engineering Sciences and Professor of Engineering Systems
University College London

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