National Physical Laboratory

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility at NPL concentrates on the charity and community involvement of the company and forms part of an overall corporate responsibility framework.

Corporate Social Responsibility at NPL

NPL actively supports staff who wish to volunteer to work in the community with a system of 'Time off for Volunteering'. Under this system, staff who engage in such work as School Governors, Scout Leadership, St John Ambulance, etc. can request up to five days' time off for volunteering per year.

NPL also supports members of staff who engage in large-scale charity fundraising events, by allowing time off and making a contribution towards minimum sponsorship requirements or by some matched sponsorship.

In recent years, a charitable donation has been made whenever the company has achieved a million working hours without a reportable accident.

NPL organises the annual Water Rocket Challenge, which involves schools from around the country and raises money for a local children's hospice. NPL also holds a number of other events aimed at raising money for charities such as its charity golf days, book sales and other one-off charity activities.

NPL links with the charity Young Enterprise, by providing volunteer facilitators for school events and a member of the local YE Board. NPL has also been sponsoring the Finals Night and Prize Giving Event for the Richmond and Kingston Young Enterprise Companies Programme for more than 10 years.

As well as a dedicated CSR programme, NPL has a General Activities Programme. This outreach programme is aimed at students, educators and the science-interested general public, and generates a high level of community involvement.

NPL's Corporate Assurance Team is responsible for promoting a safe working environment and leads NPL's activities aimed at minimising any negative impact on the environment. More information can be found at Health, Safety and Environment.


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