Measurement for Quantum - M4Q
Measurement for Quantum - M4Q
Continued Professional Development

Practical course in reference dosimetry

Aims and objectives

  • Develop a good fundamental, theoretical and practical understanding of all aspects of reference dosimetry for kV X-rays, photons, electrons and HDR brachytherapy sources
  • Be familiar with the UK primary standards used in reference dosimetry
  • Understand the current Codes of Practice for kV X-rays, high-energy photons and electrons, and their application
  • Be able to carry out basic metrology in reference dosimetry, including the application of correction factors and evaluation of uncertainties

Course details

The course will consist of introductory lectures that cover:

  • Basic quantities and units
  • Overview of dosimetry and evaluation of uncertainties
  • Practical advice on the handling and maintenance of secondary standard and field instruments with emphasis placed on recognising and dealing with measurement problems

And four separate practical sessions on:

  • Dosimetry of kV X-rays, covering both in-air and in-water measurements
  • High-energy photons (Co-60 gamma-rays and 4 MV to 19 MV X-rays)
  • Electrons
  • High-dose-rate (HDR) brachytherapy, including a session covering check source measurements

The practical sessions will cover all areas of measurement including basic metrology, estimating uncertainties and applying corrections.

Course notes:

  1. Quantities and Units for Ionising Radiation
  2. An Overview of Dosimetry
  3. Evaluation of Uncertainties
  4. Maintenance of Secondary Standard and Field Instruments
  5. Brachytherapy Dosimetry at NPL
  6. Brachytherapy Dosimetry in the Clinic
  7. Electron Dosimetry at NPL
  8. Electron Dosimetry in the Clinic
  9. kV X-ray Dosimetry at NPL
  10. kV X-ray Dosimetry in the Clinic
  11. MV Photon Dosimetry at NPL
  12. MV Photon Dosimetry in the Clinic
  13. Setting up and carrying out a check source measurement
  14. MV Photon Dosimetry Small Fields considerations

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